Past Student Stories – Humanities, LOTE, Business, Legal

Explore the humanities related careers and courses you are interested in through reading about the experiences of our amazing past students.

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Languages other than English (LOTE)

  • Elizabeth Harris – Bachelor of Arts (French)/Bachelor of Laws, Australia National University
  • Lara Wojcik – Bachelor of Languages (German)/Bachelor of Asia Studies (Japanese), Australia National University
  • Mikaela Blackley – Bachelor of International Studies (Japanese), Swinburne University
  • Bronte Spiteri – Bachelor of Arts (Politics & International Relations/French), University of Melbourne
  • Brittany Stones – Bachelor of European Studies (French), Australia National University
  • Charlotte Turner – Charlotte Turner International Relations (Chinese), University of Melbourne

Business, Accounting, Economics

  • Jake Curtis – Bachelor of Commerce (Economics/Finance), University of Melbourne
  • Tony Phillips – Bachelor of Construction Management/Bachelor of Economics, Holmesglen Institute
  • Tim Bartlett – Bachelor of Accounting, La Trobe University
  • Katherine Padilla – Associate Degree in Fashion Textiles and Merchandising, RMIT
  • Tom Barel – Bachelor of Sports Business/Bachelor of Business, Victoria University
  • Kyle McMullan – Bachelor of Business (Sport Management/Development), La Trobe University
  • Jenna Phillpot – Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, William Angliss

Legal Studies

  • Brianna Cox – Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Law, Monash University
  • Claire de Koyer – Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Law, Deakin University
  • Tahnee McKibbon – Bachelor of Criminology, Deakin University


  • Georgia Whyte – Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations), RMIT
  • Rose Cox – Bachelor of Environments (Environment and Society), University of Melbourne
  • Tate Spiteri – Bachelor of Media and Communication (Sports Journalism), La Trobe University
  • Stephanie Anderson – Bachelor of Journalism (Honours), University of Canberra
  • Eloise Florence – Eloise Florence, Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) (Honours), RMIT


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